{Who's Behind this?}

Hi, I'm Shelsey.

I'm a relationship coach for feminine women.

Embodying my feminine energy and learning how to be more confident in myself literally changed my whole life.


And now it brings me so much joy to help women go from frustrated, resentful, and defeated in their relationships, to loving, passionate, and HAPPY.


For the women who are still dating, it makes my heart sing to see them calling in beautiful masculine men who take care of them, when all they've ever attracted in the past were "guys" who ghosted them, hurt them, left them guessing, and who they had to chase down.

Discovering my feminine energy and learning how to master my emotions and communication changed the game for me.  I was in a marriage that was "good on paper"...meaning, we rarely fought, we were raising our two kids together relatively peacefully, and we did have lots of good times together. 


But I had completely lost myself in our relationship. I I was a wife and a mother, but who was I without them?  


A few years ago, I began to search for who I was as a person, on my own.  And as I found myself piece by piece, I became more happy and confident with myself.  As I rediscovered who I am, the marriage began to feel strained.  


Eventually, I came to the scariest realization of all--I had to choose between my happiness, or my comfort.  And I could see that at least in the short term, they seemed to be mutually exclusive.


I could be "comfortable" for the rest of my life, take the easy route and stay in a relationship that I had outgrown.  Or, I could choose my long-term happiness, which meant releasing attachment to the man, and instead focusing on how I wanted to FEEL in the love I desired.  I was open to the possibility that our relationship could be saved--in fact, I really hoped for that since it would have been a LOT easier than the alternative.


I knew more was possible for me.  I KNEW that feeling love overflowing from me was not only possible, but it was WAITING for me to show up for it.


So I began to envision the kind of relationship I desired.  But most importantly, I became the version of ME I wanted to be in my dream relationship.


I started showing up as the vibrant, happy, and confident feminine woman I envisioned myself being if my relationship was how I wanted it.  And it wasn't long before it became clear to me that this was never going to work the way I was hoping.  


I mustered up all the courage in my body and ended it.  Ending my marriage was the bumpiest ride of my life, filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but I'm grateful for it all.


When I hit the dating scene again after the separation, I had learned how to be in my feminine and discern between the quality men who wanted to show up for me, and the men who were just after an easy hookup.  I had standards and boundaries.  I attracted men who were planning actual DATES for me, not just "Netflix and chill".


At this point, I'd been doing life coaching for years, but suddenly felt a strong pull to shift away from focusing on money and business coaching, and do relationship coaching instead.


What I found was that women were seeing results with their partners and their dating lives faster than I could have imagined possible.


  • One client's marriage doing a complete 180 within weeks of working with me
  • Another client who had been chasing a man she was dating, suddenly he was absolutely MESMERIZED by her femininity and pursued her with passion
  • Another client who had been having the same fight with her husband over and over again, learned how to communicate in a way that honoured both their feelings and broke the cycle of hurtful communication
  • Yet another client whose sex life with her husband got revved up by shifting her sexual energy and learning how to communicate exactly what she wants in bed

And on and on! I realized, THIS is my zone of genius.  THIS is the impact I'm meant to have in the world.  Helping women find their femininity and express it beautifully, drawing in their man for deep intimacy, closer-than-ever connection, and intense passion even after years together.


Want that for yourself?


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