Captivate the Heart and Soul of Your

High Quality Dream Man


(Without games, pretending, or settling for less)

Be the woman who leaves men hungry for more…


Who they eagerly pursue and wouldn’t THINK of leaving her left on “read” for days...


Who has something that makes him feel more safe, understood, and connected with than any woman he’s ever met in his entire life…


Who has him pulling up your picture on his phone before he falls asleep at night, dreaming of the next time he gets to see you...


You are worthy of this kind of love.


The kind of love where he wants to honour you, protect you, and provide for you.


(and the passion is through. The. ROOF.)

​But so far, it’s looked more like…


  • Chasing men down (WHY won’t he just text you back??)

  • Feeling like it's on YOU to move the relationship’re afraid he'll NEVER commit if you don't nudge him a bit!

  • Struggling to hold a conversation with the men you meet. If you’re not bending over backwards to find things to say, it’s just awkward silence 😕

  • Attracting guys who ONLY seem to want hookups and send unsolicited dick pics. Ew.

  • Actions not matching up with his words.  A whole lotta talk, but no substance.

  • Feeling insane chemistry with the men who hurt you, and zip-nada-nothing for the men who seem to be really high quality and treat you with respect...what’s WITH that, anyway?

  • Or maybe it’s not that you’re having “bad” experiences with men, they’re just kinda...blah.

Even if you seem to be attracting all the wrong kind of men or seemingly pushing them away until now, it’s possible for you to attract your DREAM LOVE.


No chasing.  

No performing, pretending, or hiding.  

And most importantly… no settling for less than you desire.


What’s the secret sauce?

Your femininity. 


It’s not about some outdated gender roles, or propping up the patriarchy...quite the opposite actually.


Powerful femininity is the most attractive force in the universe.  It pulls in your desires like a magnet.


(Which is why I called my company Magnetic Femininity, because that’s EXACTLY what it is).


Most women are sadly WAY out of touch with their femininity, because of societal conditioning telling us that we don’t need men, and it’s a weakness to want a man in your life.


Let’s be straight ladies.  We want equality in the workplace, in public, and with things like divvying up household chores…


But if you’re longing for a man who will take care of you because he desires to honour you (not because you can’t do it yourself), a man who will cherish you, protect you, and adore you…


That can only happen if you’re willing to lean back into your feminine energy.


It takes courage to date like a feminine woman.


It requires standards, boundaries, and self-love.


I’m going to show you how to do it in Captivate.


Attract a man who will love, cherish, and adore you

  • Be the feminine woman he craves and wants to provide for, protect, and take care of

  • Learn the secrets of feminine women that make his masculinity kick in so strongly he won't know what hit him. You bring out the best in him just by being YOU.

  • Make him feel like you "get him", and he won't be able to imagine himself with anyone else

  • Express your femininity to make him feel safe, like you're his sanctuary he can't wait to commit to 

Men aren’t afraid to commit, despite what you may have been told (actually, they’re WIRED for commitment).


They WANT to pay for dates, pursue you, and make you happy.


They WANT to connect with you on a deep soul level and feel an emotional and spiritual bond with you.


In the course, I’m sharing with you everything you need to know to draw men to you like moths to a flame.


I’m sharing everything that helped me manifest a relationship that exceeded my wildest dreams in terms of passion, compatibility, respect, and feeling so loved, wanted, and cherished by him.


It doesn’t require a lot of time, it just requires alignment and working with your feminine energy.  It requires you unveiling the most authentic, loving, and happy version of yourself so that you become compatible with someone who loves you for who you really are.


Imagine NEVER having to pretend with a man, or be left wondering if he’s into you?


You get to experience this kind of love.


Come on into Captivate and learn how to call it in with your feminine light.




Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any live support in this course?


Not at this time. You can ask questions in the Magnetic Femininity Facebook group (which is my free group), or if you'd like private support I offer private voice and text message coaching. If you're interested in that, you can go to this link right here to learn more, or email me at if you still have unanswered questions.


Does being in my feminine mean I have to be like, a 50’s housewife? 


NO.  The stereotypical 50’s housewife was actually not in feminine energy with her husband, she was in what’s called “mothering” energy, and “doormat” energy.  Doing everything for him, and no boundaries. That is NOT what we’re talking about here.


The Magnetic Feminine Woman is powerful, she inspires adoration and respect from her man, and he provides for and protects her not because she can’t do it for herself, but because it’s his way of honouring her.  He sees her as magnificent, exquisite, and will do anything he can to make her happy (which is easy, because she’s already happy with herself).


Is this program ONLY for dating and singles?


Although there’s a lot in this program that would benefit ANY woman who has core feminine energy no matter what her relationship status, I do primarily speak to women who are dating and looking for a relationship. That said, about 20% of the women who have bought the course so far are in a relationship and benefitted tremendously from what they learned about themselves and their femininity in Captivate.


What about LGBTQ people and couples? Does this still apply?


I don’t claim to be an expert in gender fluidity, I’m sure there are other resources that are better suited for people who don’t desire to be fully in feminine energy.  What I can tell you though, is that even in homosexual and other non-heteronormative couples, polarity is necessary for long-term attraction. Without polarity, you can have a beautiful friendship and deep compatibility, but the deep attraction won’t last. Trans women and non-hetero women are welcome in the course, although I do want you to be aware before joining that I do use heteronormative language for the sake of simplicity.


Am I going to have to become someone I’m not to get men to like me?


Noooooo!  Chances are you’ve been doing that to a certain degree now, whether it’s that you’ve been hiding yourself or overperforming (which is just another way of hiding anyway).  But it’s only when you’re truly being YOU that the right man can find you and love you for who you are. In this course, you actually will walk away as a happier, truer, more unapologetic version of yourself.  And by doing this, you become a lighthouse so the man of your dreams can find his way to you (trust me, he’s looking!).


What if I don't want to be feminine? What if that seems impossibly antiquated and cheesy to me, but I still want a take-charge man?


Good luck, that's all I can say. If you're not willing to look at your resistance to your inner feminine energy yet, then it's not the right time for you to be in this course. Feel free to close out this window and keep an eye out for something that resonates with you more 😘


Attract a man who will love, cherish, and adore you

  • Be the feminine woman he craves and wants to provide for, protect, and take care of

  • Be happier than ever so that high quality men are inspired to step up and make you even happier

  • Make him feel like you "get him", and he won't be able to imagine himself with anyone else

  • Express your femininity to make him feel safe, like you're his sanctuary he can't wait to commit to 

"I just finished watching the module 2 video and there are sooooooooo many nuggets in there!"


-- Voice message from a happy Captivate student




Take this course before you send one more text, swipe right on one more guy, go on one more’ll be so much more empowered, open, and CAPTIVATING when you tap into your core feminine energy.


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